Sunday, 2 September 2018

Reflecting to GreenGold - what makes good evidence?

We're getting ready for our Green Gold Reflection.

Today we discussed - WHAT MAKES GOOD EVIDENCE?
Evidence is how you prove something you’re doing, so that you can actually tell you’re doing it and important - Jake
Actually showing not just telling - Valentina
Information to back it up - Ryan
Show changes in our school - Joseph
Show differences before and after - Leora

Together we looked at the reducing waste examples and put them in order from weakest to strongest

We saw good evidence needs to show why we did things, how we linked up with community groups, what we changed and how we changed what we did as we got results.  We need to show how we research, communicate, learn, reflect and change.

Next we related this to our Bring In The Birds / Pest Free Action Learning Cycle evidence;
- survey birds
- research birds and what we need to do to attract them
- research pests
- ACC visit to talk about pests
- Pestival held to inform community about pests
- Community start trapping
- plant bird corridor to create new habitat
- link up with Squawk Squad trappers
- raise money for Squawk Squad traps
- students create own fundraising for Squawk Squad traps
- continue to check rat traps
- plant trees on farms for Trees for Survival
- set up night vision camera to watch compost
- record kills on traps
- take advice on rat trapping
- resurvey birds
- record number of trees planted for birds over time

We felt our evidence is pretty good.

Reviewing Our Care Code - Presented by the Room 18 Enviro News Team

Our new Sunnyhills Care Code is out and we're exploring ways to share it. Room 18 have created a news item. Tino pai rawa mahi Room 18!

Our Waharoa

 Our Going Gold group were lucky enough to see the waharoa - carved entrance way - that has been gifted to our school.

It is nearly 50 years old and was carved in Rotorua.  We're forging telationships with iwi so that we may be gifted a story for the two figures and two taniwha and then put it in the entrance yo our school office.

We'll also be studying the story of Pakuranga and tge Maori history of our whenua.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Fruit Trees (&veges) In Schools Launch

This morning Ryan, Ray, Ashton, Akarsha & Mrs Daniel represented Sunnyhills School at the Fruit Trees (&veges) In Schools Launch. We all got a chance to plant veges and pick the botanists brains before sharing kai. A heartfelt thank you to Kings and Howick Local Board for supporting our edible garden efforts.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Our First Kereru!

All our efforts to "Bring in the Birds" are working - one of our eagle eyed parents spotted a kereru in the the native trail! Thanks for sharing Hannah

Our kereu is still hanging this morning feeding on kowhai leaves:

Update 4.9.18

Lorelle & Lucy Stranaghan photographed the kereru again today still hanging out at Sunnyhills. Thank you!

UPDATE - 10.9.18 - our kereru as spottedby Room 5 while weeding the native trail.