Wednesday 12 June 2024

"Ready, Steady, Go!" with Year Five


Year5 investigated how active travel can mitigate Climate Change and keep us healthy. We took an Auckland Transport prior knowledge quiz, then had great fun creating a giant jigsaw puzzle. It took great communication and awesome team work to solve. 

Just for fun we timed each class completing the jigsaw:

Room 1 - 6:15 

Room 3 - 5min

Room 2 - 5:12

Next we flagged the possible hazards with active travel and matched them with rules to keep us safe.

Next time there will be a new giant jigsaw and we'll be differentiating  between the health benefits and environmental benefits of active travel

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Year Four look at our dolphin neighbours

 Today Year Four learnt about the three types of dolphins found in the Hauraki Gulf - the bottlenose dolphin, orca (the biggest type of dolphin) and the common dolphin.  The Maori name for dolphin is aihe. Did you know the orca is the biggest dolphin? 

We estimated and measured different types of dolphin species.  We drew a common dolphin and recorded the facts we had researched.  Lastly we played a Kahoot to review.

Room 5 helped refill the kumara beds with compost too. 

Wednesday 5 June 2024

Tupuna Maunga Authority Visit

 Today, we were lucky enough to have a vist from Jenny and Kessa from the Tupuna Maunga Authority.  They came to tell us about their work restoring the maunga in Tamaki Makaurau to beautiful biodiverse forests full of birdlife.

Have you and your family signed up for the Ohuiarangi Planting Day on Sunday 16th June?  Follow this link to join in the fun Ohuiarangi Planting DayOhuiarangi Planting Day See you there!! 

Our Matariki Bumper Kumara Harvest >100

 As we move into Takurua (winter),  the Maramataka (Maori Lunar Calendar) based on matauranga (knowledge) gathered over many years, tells us that it is time to harvest the last of our kumara.

K1 & K2 had great fun digging up over ONE HUNDRED kumara from five beds.  The longest ones were a whooping 30cm!  The kumara have been laid out in The Green Room so they can cure.  

Sunnyhills School is looking forward to a MASSIVE school wide Matariki celebration. The kumara we harvested will be used in our Matariki hangis. Standby for delicious kai photos in a few weeks time.

Tuesday 4 June 2024

Year 3's very own herbal tea blends

After learning about the history and cultural uses of herbs and tea around the world, Year Three created their very own herbal teas today.  

We chose from these plants in our Mara Kai:


Sage leaves


Pineapple sage flowers 

Kotu Kola



Before we drank our tea we said the school's new Karakia kai. 

Ranger "We made our own tea. We used herbs from the gardens"

Milana "It tasted like mint and honey"

Constance "It tasted like lemon"

Luke " I can smell mint and honey" 

Hunter "It smells like an ice block"

Kirsten "It tasted interesting with all the flavours"

Olivia "My tea is called Olivia's Special Pineapple Sage Tea"

Matty "My tea is called Mint & Lemon Tea"

Emily "My tea is called Fun Tea"

Karuna "We grow gotu kola in India too.  We eat the leaves and make tea with it. We have it because its healthy."

Madeleine "I learnt that tea is delicious"

Albert "I learnt how to make tea out of herbs"

Ruby "I learnt how to try tea"

Zoe "Even if you don't like the plants you put in your tea it can make it yum".

Tino "We can grow herbs to make drinks"

Coby "I learnt about a plant called lemongrass. It is very hard to chew.  It smells like lemon"

Maddison "My tea tasted like cucumber and it smelt really good"

Chase "We learnt how to make really yummy tea with herbs"

Wednesday 29 May 2024

Energetic Year Five

 Today Year Five began a new enquiry into sustainable energy.  First, we had to learn what energy is and how it transforms.  Did you know that "energy can neither be created nor destroyed - only converted from one form of energy to another"?

We completed activities defining types of energy and their transformations in our online workbook. Then we did some fun experiments to create static energy with balloons, feathers, spoons, salt and pepper: S&P Experiment & Balloon Experiment

How can we seperate the salt and pepper? 

Olivia A "Use the spoon to move the grains into seperate piles"

Hazel "Sieve it so the smaller pepper grains fall through"

Blake "Blow it"

We learnt we can generate static electricity to pick up the pepper by rubbing a plastic spoon on our hair and then hovering it over the mixture.

What did you observe?

Harper "I saw the pepper jump up onto the spoon"

Alexander "The more you rub the spoon the more pepper comes up"

Toby "It was static electricity"

Next time we're learning how active travel to school can use energy sustainably and it's great for our bodies and minds too. Do you walk, bike, scooter or 'park&walk' to school?

Tuesday 28 May 2024

Bok Choy Banquet with Year Three

 Today, Year 3 harvested the bountiful bok choy from our Mara Kai. We talked about how it had grown from last year's plants with the help of our school bees. Mrs Daniel had left two plants to go to flower and now there's lots of plants that have grown from the scattered seeds.

Ciara "It tasted sweet and a little bit bitter".

Coby "I had a stomach ache and it cured it".

Tino "The bok choy was juicy and nice".

Afterwards we typed recounts in a Google Doc:

Bok choy noodle Soup

Today Room 18 and Ms Daniel cooked up Bok choy noodle soup.We went to the kitchen and

chopped up the bok choy with a big knife.Next we added it to noodle and flavours and water.

Ms Daniel boiled it all for 3 minutes.We each got a cup.Ms Daniel said we could slurp it.  It tasted like normal noodle and vegetable.  I liked it.  Jin Room 18.


Enviro Bok Choy Noodle Soup

Today we went to Enviro. We went into the kitchen.

We played Sustainable Shaun.

Some people made the soup.

We ate some. It was delicious.

Then we cleaned the cups&forks.

We left and that's how I came to write this story 

The end. Matty

Room 8 and Ms Daniel had bokchoy soup and it smelt  and tasted sooooo good. The noodles  were the best part for me. I didn't ’t like the bokchoy that much. Madison