Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Week Whitu EfS - magpies, blackbirds & snails

 Look at Cimone's wonderful magpie research:

Have you seen the magpie whanau around Farmcove? Learn more about these Aussie birdsin this week's EfS slides:

You might have noticed all the blackbird fledglings too ...

Or you can investigate slugs, snails & slime:

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Hunter Growing Food

 Hunter harvested carrot tops and capsicum seeds to grow. Check out how many capsicum plants he's grown from just one supermarket capsicum!

Wonderful work Hunter!

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Week Ono Home Learning

Check out Cimone's awesome EfS work.  I love how she created a comparison diagram of two Green Gold Enviroschools and made a treasure map of all the the Enviro treasures around Sunnyhills School

I really appreciate seeing all your part time school and home learning EfS work.  Thanks for sharing!  It's wonderful to see all the litterfree lunches coming to school too. Keep it up!

Our litterfree winners and EfS prize draw winners had their prizes delivered this week.  I wonder who will win this term??

Here's this week's installment of Enviro activities:

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Week Rima Home Learning


Kia Ora koutou & a big haere mai for Week Rima of distance learning,  

I'm looking forward to seeing more of you from a distance around school.  

Check out this week's EfS activities:

Cimone's wonderful kereru poster:

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Our Submissions to the Ministry for the Environment

The Ministry for the Environment are calling for tamariki across Aotearoa to have their say on future climate change action.

Young people are 100% of Aotearoa's future. 

They want to hear all our ideas on what the government can do to take-action for our planet.  You can make your submissions in any form here - https://consult.environment.govt.nz/climate/a4b2e361/

Today Bubble One created postcards with their ideas, based on all the learning for sustainability they have done across the year.  Mrs. Daniel is going to post them.  Well done Evelyn, Sofia, Ryan, Charley and Charlie for making your voices heard.  

Can you create a submission too?

Clean up our moana.

Make electric cars the easy option.

Make packaging edible for humans and animals

Ban single use plastic

Solar panels for all

Electrify transport

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Term Wha Week Wha Home Learning - explore, learn and speak up

 Kia ora koutou Sunnyhills GEMS, I hope you're enjoying our sunny springtime world.  There's lots of opportunities to learn in nature.  Check out the slides below and as always I LOVE it when you share your work with me, Mrs Daniel

Kauri Whanau:

Kowhai Whanau:

Koru Whanau:

Thursday, 4 November 2021

Auckland Outdoor Classroom Day

 The Room 15 Bubble potted up 320 native trees for Outdoor Classroom Day. Thank you to Lynda from Trees for Survival for personally delivering our seedlings and helping us plant #akloutdoorclassroomday 🌱❤