Friday, 14 June 2019


A big thank-you to the PTA for a fun Wheelathon today. We rode bikes, scooters or a skateboard. 
For lunch there was pizza and ice blocks. At morning tea we watched the Skate School demonstration. It was amazing!! Here are some photos of the fabulous Room 24 and the skate School demonstration. 


Finding out about fungi with Team Wha

This term Team Wha are finding out all about fungi.  In our first lesson, we brainstormed our prior knowledge, researched and questioned. Lastly we went on a  hunt around the school to observe our local fungi.

Here's some we found:

Next week we'll idenyify our finds and learn out more about how to group the fungi kingdom.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Citizen Science - The Garden Bird Survey - Will your family take part too?

This week we're prepping our bird knowledge, so we can take part in the Landcare Manaaki Whenua Garden Bird Survey.

We'll be collecting data on our local bird life and sending it off to scientists. Did you know the number of birds is an indicator of the health of the environment?

Families can take part in the surveys too. It's fun and easy. Visit

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Giant Walk

As our conclusion to Walk To School Week the whole school went on a Giant Walk to the Snakes and Ladders Park. The weather was perfect and everyone had great fun.

Look how few cars were at the back gate

Day 3 Walking To School Week - Wacky Wednesday

Keeley's hairdo had an Enviro theme!

Room 10

Room 11

Room 11

Room 13

 Room 13

 Room 18

 Room 2

Room 9

 Room 15

 Room 17

                                                   Room 21

Walk To School Week Day 4: Twins/ Triplets/Be Bright Be Seen

Day 4 of 'Walk to School Week'
Lots of creative ideas