Saturday, 9 November 2019

Wednesday, 6 November 2019


Sunnyhills’ Bee Rocks

Sunnyhills School students have created a fun new hide and seek game that helps promote bee care.  The students at Sunnyhills have been excited to welcome beehives to their East Auckland school recently. 

As a GreenGold Enviroschool, the beehives form part of their efforts to help create a sustainable future. “Did you know most of the plants we need for food rely on pollination by bees?” remarks Vera a Year Six student.  Sadly bee populations are in decline.

To promote bee care, such as not spraying pesticide, the Year Five and Six students have created ‘Bee Rocks’.  They’ll be hiding the small stones, painted like bees and covered in messages about how to care for bees, in public spaces in the 3.2 kilometre radius around Sunnyhills School, in which their bees will fly. 

The community are invited to search for the bee rocks. When found, they can photograph them and post to Instagram #beesrock and #sunnyhillsschoolbees. “Please rehide the rocks so the fun can continue” advises Mrs Daniel the Sunnyhills Education for Sustainability teacher. 

“It’d be great if everyone planted more flowers for the bees,” says Chloe a Year Six student “Let’s all help make our suburb a more colourful and sustainable environment!”

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

The Fungi Fact Trail

Team Wha have been learning all about fungi. We've created a Fungi Fact Trail to share our learning about this amazing world. Can you find all the facts? Did you know Lego is made with fungi? Come and find out more ...

We are learning about how living things work together to meet their needs.

Loss of biodiversity and habitats for a range of species

ACTION - spread the word about fungi and their special place in the world

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

The next leaf on our Action Tree - SCHOOL BEES!

We have a vision for a brighter more sustainable future and we're continually turning ideas into action to create it.

The video below shows just how far Sunnyhills School GEMS has come in our Enviroschools journey:

Did you spot the differences between then and now? We may not have ever been awarded a Treemendous Trees makeover, but in the past two years, we've planted our bird & bee corridor and now we're just about to get our own Sweet Azzz beehives.

Will you grow flowers to feed our bees?

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Pestfree Action

Check out this new video from DOC. Pestfree 2050 needs everyone involved:

And introducing our new rat trapping team:

They're hoping to catch the rodent Mrs Smail saw behind Room 24.

Rats and mice threaten our birdlife.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Safer Walking Presentation

Today Tracey from Auckland Transport and Constable Willett came to talk to the Koru Whanau about how to be safer when we are walking. They reminded everyone about the benefits of walking but how we have to look out for dangers such as crossing in front of a stationary bus and sneaky driveways. They showed us a YouTube clip where we met Moe who was exploring all about road safety. They were great message to hear.