Friday, 29 May 2015

Marking Out Our Edible Garden

Marking out the spot!

On Thursday 21st May 2015 the Year 5 / 6 Enviro team marked out the spot for the edible planter boxes with Hari Narayan!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Edible Gardens Progress Update

Term One 2015

Edible Gardens Progress Update

The wheels are in motion!

                     The proposed area for the Edible Gardens

Across Senior School
The students have:
  •     Used a map of the school to work out the best location for the Edible garden. 
  •    In groups they have then come up with a concept plan of what it might look like.
  •    They have looked at:
     -the seasons and their impact on the garden
         -suitable plants taking into account light and temperature 
         -investigated possible summer plantings
Hari Narayan (Garden Facilitator Gardens4Health, Diabetes Projects Trust) visited our proposed school garden site on Tuesday 17th of March and conducted soil profile tests.  He also took measurements and photos for the concept plan for our proposed school garden.  Once the concept plan has been developed Hari, Richard Main (who also works for the trust) and Beryl Oppert (who also worked with the Enviro Team on the Native Trail) will work with a group of senior school students and teachers on the Action Plan (what skills do we need, what could influence the decision, what do we need to find out, what experts do we need to consult, time line etc).