Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Room 16's Harvest;Sharing with our Community

Today Room 16 harvested fruit and veges from the edible gardens; marrows, rock melons, capsicums and cherry tomatoes.  We tasted the rock melon and put the rest of our harvest in a basket.

We also pulled out the dead sweet peas and put their stalks in the compost. We then began the cycle again by planting peas. Next we'll feed the soil with worm tea and compost. We're being sustainable!

After school we gave the fruit and veges away, for koha,

to our Sunnyhills families. Everyone loved the giant marrows. It feels great to share!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Bring Nude Food Dude!

Year 2 are exploring ways our choic
es can make positive impacts on the environment.

Did you know our oceans are filling up with plastic rubbish? Plastic is forever! Plastic bags look like jelly fish and turtles and whales eat them. Oh dear!

We are working to reduce the rubbish in our seas by trying to bring packet and wrap free lunches; bring nude food dude!

We will work together to create artwork to spread our message.

Chloe the Bee

Today Room 8 learnt about bees; our garden VIPs.

Chloe the bee flew around drinking nectar from the flowers. As she drank the flowers sprinkled pollen on her fuzzy body. Chloe was a busy bee, she moved the pollen around from flower to flower. Then the flowers could make their yummy fruits. Thank you Chloe the Bee!

Chloe emptied her tummy full of nectar back at her hive. That's how honey is made. Honey is bee throw up. GROSS! But delicious too.

Without our bees there would be no fruit and no honey. Don't spray. Protect ours bees please!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Invasion of the giant zucchini!

Room 9a & 9 had their first enviro lesson with Mrs Daniel today. They discovered lots of fruit and veges growing in the edible garden.

We saw giant zucchini too. How did they get so big? The Year Ones knew; sun, water & soil. What kind of soil? Full of nutrients of course.

The children then used their muscles to pull giant weeds and put them in the compost. Those weeds were stealing our nutrients! Luckily we can get the nutrients back and put them on our veges. That's being sustainable. Nothing goes to waste.

Next week we're looking forward to growing
our own seeds and finding out about the mini beasts that help our garden.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Is a chocolate bar a fruit?

Of course a chocolate bar is not a fruit says Room 8, but how do our clever five year olds know? We went to the edible gardens, with Mrs Daniel, to explore the orchard and find out what makes a fruit, a fruit.

Room 8 found pear trees, plum trees, an apple tree with apples growing on it and much more.

The children helped pull some giant weeds that were crowding our gardens too. We put them in the compost to make nutrient rich soil for our gardens. Nothing goes to waste; that's being sustainable!

After looking, thinking and talking we decided fruit has to grow on a plant or a tree. Also fruit has seeds inside. So no; a chocolate bar is not a fruit.

We're looking forward to learning more about how bees are garden helpers in our next enviro lesson.

Finding fun fruit facts with Room 15

Today Room 15 had their first enviro lesson. We had to hunt down fun facts in the edible gardens.

Here's what some of the tamariki thought:
Andreas: "I found out tomato leaves are poisonous".
Rubi: "I learnt my first Maori word because I came from Australia. Aporo is apple".
Ryan: "Capsicums come in three colours".

Everyone agreed it's fun to learn outside. We want to do more scavenger hunts, weeding and grow our own veges. We're also  looking forward to eating the rock melons that are growing!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Room Seven Enviro Stars

A big thank you to all the Sunnyhills whanau who watered our edible gardens over the holidays. The gardens are looking lush. Classes will soon be harvesting rock melons, tomatoes, silverbeet, lettuce, zucchini, egg plants, capsicum and water melon to eat, as part of our Enviro
lessons, with Mrs Daniel. Yum!

Room Seven are now taking on the important job of watering our vege patches. Thank you! Look at the giant marrow they harvested while visiting the garden. Mrs Fowler is going to make chips out of it using her dehydrater. What a great idea! Comment below to tell us how it tasted Room Seven.