Monday, 17 April 2017

Bring in the Birds - A Senior School Enviro Project

This term the Senior School have been exploring the concept of ecosystems and investigating how we can attract more manu species into our school environment. Some of our hard work is on display in the school hall.

 Which is your favourite type of bird?

Now we know what each species likes to eat and where they like to live, our next steps are to plan an area for our manu.


  1. Bring in the birds is very creative, my favourite bird is either the silver eye or the fan tail!

  2. Wow! What you guys have put a lot of hard work into that. Good Job.

  3. I think all this information is really going to help bring in the birds,good job. I think my favorite bird is the Silvereye .

  4. The birds and posters look stunning. I love it.