Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Stepping Out Programme - Junior School

As part of Road Safety Week all the Junior School classes at Sunnyhills Primary School are learning how to cross the road safely. 

Room 21 Year 2
Constable Merv and Marianne showed us pictures of zebra crossings, drive ways and cars parked on the road. We talked about how we need to - stop, look, and listen at the crossing. Then we talked about how to walk sensibly and cross the road safely. Sometimes we need to hold an adult’s hand when crossing to be safe and it is important that we walk across the road even with if we have skateboards or bikes. It is also important that we use the pedestrian crossings when we cross the road.
We went outside to practice safe road crossing at the zebra crossings, driveways and sneaky driveways. It is important to look front, left and right and behind before crossing.
At the crossing, you need to stop, look, and listen BEFORE you cross the road. You need to check if the cars have stopped by looking at their wheels.

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