Tuesday, 2 January 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR: How can we make the world a better place in 2018?

Happy new year! As we think about our goals for the year ahead, why not add an enviro resolution for your family?

Reducing household waste is a great place to start!

Did you know up to 55% of all household waste could be turned into compost? Instead it's sent to landfills, where it creates methane gas, which contributes to climate change.

What can we do?
- create a compost
- start a worm farm (ask Mrs Daniel for worms to get you going)
- recycle carefully
- collect soft plastics
- use reuseable shopping bags
- pack wrapper free school lunches - bring nude food dude!

This a great article from NZ Herald:

Simply making a resolution to say no to plastic straws, refuse plastic bags or pick up rubbish on the beach can make a big difference too.

Wishing you all clean green summer holidays Sunnyhills! 🌏❤

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