Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Can you solve the PTA's sustainability query? Sustainable Communities & Respect for the Diversity of People and Culture

We're so lucky at Sunnyhills to have a supportive PTA; hardworking parents who help fund raise for the school, so we can have all the extras that make this such a special place to learn, so I was super eager to help when Kylee Long approached me with a query....

How could we make the school disco more sustainable? Plastic water bottles are easily improved by using drink bottles, but glow sticks are the problem.  They're glowy fun for a few hours and then complete trash - they can't be recycled and contain chemical nasties.

I'm stumped.  What is a sustainable and fun replacement for glow sticks at our next disco?  Comment below if you can help or have other ideas for making our next school event more environmentally friendly.

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