Sunday, 14 August 2016

More Replanting Our Trees For Survival

Replanting Our Trees For Survival

Room 18 had a very important job today; we "pricked out" and replanted over two hundred tiny flax seedlings, as part of the Trees For Survival programme.

We worked so carefully as a team. Mrs Daniel was also very impressed with our problem solving skills; we worked out with 16 crates and each crate holding 52 seedlings, Senior students, Room 17 and 18 together, have replanted 832 seedlings. WOW!!

Why are we doing all of this? Well, in 12 months time, we'll have over eight hundred plants to create new habitats, prevent errosion and help fight global warming in our local area. We're doing vital work to create a sustainable future!

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  1. Thank you Mrs Daniel for helping us to make a sustainable environment. You have made us realise how precious our environment is and how we must look after it for future generations.