Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Room 17 Citizen Scientists: The Hunt for Moth Plants

For our Enviro lesson with Mrs Daniel today, Room 17 went on the hunt for moth plants.

First we researched about these noxious weeds and reported back our findings.

Next we put on gloves and grabbed garden snips. Then it was time to find the moth plants.

Lucas spotted adult plants covering the neighbour's hedge. We could see the green pods filled with a 1000 seeds each. We scrambled under the hedge to snip the thick woody vines at their base.

Then we went off to our native bush walk. With our super powers of observation we spotted and pulled out over 26 young moth plants.  We made sure disposed of them into the bin rather than compost. Good job crew!!

 Have you found any moth plants? Comment below 😊 🌿✂

Next we're ging home to share the message about moth plant with our whanau, friends and neighbours. And look we're helping to spread the word online:

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