Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Pest Free NZ 2050 - Tracker Tunnels & Chew Cards

Did you know NZ has pledged to be pest free by 2050? Sunnyhills students are on board to make this a reality!

But which pests live at Sunnyhills? Room 7, 6, 2 & 1 students made and laid tracker tunnels and chew cards to answer this question.

You can make your own tracker tunnels at home too: https://youtu.be/uChWMjSIJh8

Next week we'll inspect the paw prints and bitemarks....stay tuned for results!!

16.8.17 Update : Today we checked our tracker tunnels & chew cards. Lots of the bait was missing from our chew cards with no bite marks - we blame the rain and ants and perhaps a licky cat. However, we were excited to find one chew card with tiny teeth marks!

Most if the tracker tunnels were untouched except for snails, but one had four distinct paw prints!

Back in our classrooms, we used online resources to identify the teeth marks and paw prints ......both are from a hedgehog!

Mrs Jeans has also discovered evidence of a rat living in one of her storage cupboards at school.

Next week, we're looking forward to a visit from Auckland City Council's Pest Control and creating posters to spread the word about Pestfree 2050.

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  1. The day we got the bark and sorted it out was a amazing day. I hope we can be a better enviro friendly school. We are a cool school! :)