Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Travelwise Parking Survey Results

Travelwise Parking Survey

In Term 2 the Travelwise Group conducted a Parking Survey at both our school gates.  They are happy to report that most parents were parked correctly.   The Travelwise Group handed out positive parking messages and rewards to many of the correctly parked motorists.  Only 19 cars were observed parking on yellow lines which is a pleasing reduction.

The survey did highlight that many parents were parked too close to driveways. The Road Code states that you must not park closer than 1 metre to a vehicle entrance. Another problem is people parking in the clearway section on The Crest.

The results and information about parking is being included in the next school newsletter

                                          Tabulating the results of the survey

Travelwise members collecting data with Mrs Venville

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