Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Bring Nude Food Dude!

Year 2 are exploring ways our choic
es can make positive impacts on the environment.

Did you know our oceans are filling up with plastic rubbish? Plastic is forever! Plastic bags look like jelly fish and turtles and whales eat them. Oh dear!

We are working to reduce the rubbish in our seas by trying to bring packet and wrap free lunches; bring nude food dude!

We will work together to create artwork to spread our message.


  1. We Have to project our Oceans By Not littering and if we throw Rubbish Carefully in the Bin it will save the Oceans! Hope the Year 2s learnt about looking after the Oceans!

  2. Thanks Alan! Great point. We're also learning about the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans as part of Sea Week too. Look out for our Tangaroa Taniwha display in the library.

  3. What week is Sea week Mrs Daniel? It can be So Sad if the fish and Sea Turtles, Dolphins eat the Plastic and Whales too. I can see Room 21 bringing not improving they need to bring more nude food dude in their lunches. Room 22 is improving.