Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Room Seven Enviro Stars

A big thank you to all the Sunnyhills whanau who watered our edible gardens over the holidays. The gardens are looking lush. Classes will soon be harvesting rock melons, tomatoes, silverbeet, lettuce, zucchini, egg plants, capsicum and water melon to eat, as part of our Enviro
lessons, with Mrs Daniel. Yum!

Room Seven are now taking on the important job of watering our vege patches. Thank you! Look at the giant marrow they harvested while visiting the garden. Mrs Fowler is going to make chips out of it using her dehydrater. What a great idea! Comment below to tell us how it tasted Room Seven.


  1. I'd like to try some zucchini chips!

  2. Not quite the culinary success we were hoping for #backtothedrawingboard #betterstuffed