Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Finding fun fruit facts with Room 15

Today Room 15 had their first enviro lesson. We had to hunt down fun facts in the edible gardens.

Here's what some of the tamariki thought:
Andreas: "I found out tomato leaves are poisonous".
Rubi: "I learnt my first Maori word because I came from Australia. Aporo is apple".
Ryan: "Capsicums come in three colours".

Everyone agreed it's fun to learn outside. We want to do more scavenger hunts, weeding and grow our own veges. We're also  looking forward to eating the rock melons that are growing!


  1. Good job, Room 15! Danya also came home to tell me which weed is poisonous. Love the idea of having a little helper in the garden!

  2. Well done Danya! Unfortunately that deadly nightshade has been popping up. Good luck with your home garden. The bees will love you.